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Children & Family Photography Session

The majority of my family photography takes place on location, most people have a special place where they enjoy going with their families.  However, don’t worry if you can’t think of anywhere, as there are several locations I use all the time, so I’m happy to suggest a few places to find the ideal spot for you.

Once a location has been decided, we can work out the best time to take the photographs – If you have preschool children, I find morning appointments are usually more suitable, before they have a chance to get too tired and grumpy!  However, you know your own children and this doesn’t suit everyone.

Another question I’m always asked is what shall we wear?  I will have a chat with you about this and email some information which may be helpful, or you can always check out my Pinterest Board - https://uk.pinterest.com/carolinebluntph/

My photography sessions are very casual, and usually last around 1.5 – 2hrs, depending on how relaxed everyone is! However, I do advise you keep at least 2hrs free, as I really don’t like to rush -  it’s very important to me to try to capture natural moments, when parents and children interact and forget I’m even photographing them – lots of Dad’s who were apprehensive to start with know this works!

After the session I will go through the photographs and choose/edit the best ones (usually between 40-60 images), and these will be added to a Private Gallery for you to view, approximately one to two weeks after the session.  

It really is that simple, I love what I do and want you to enjoy the whole experience.

New Born Session

My new born sessions take place in your own home, as I do not have a studio.  I will bring along everything I need, including props, backgrounds etc., which I will discuss with you when booking.  Ideally the session should be done from around 7-14 days old, before they start wriggling around too much!

If possible it is always advisable to try and reserve a date for a new born session, so I am able to keep time available for you when your little one arrives.  As long as I have your due date, I will be able to reserve a session for you around that time, as we all know babies do not arrive when they are supposed to!

I always allow up to 3 hours for these sessions, which gives plenty of time for feeding, changing nappies etc.  and quite often I get a chance to make you a cup of tea, so you get to relax for a while!

When booking, I will email further information to help you prepare for my visit.